Initiative for Faculty Diversity (IFD)

With the support of the President’s Office, the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion is providing funds to advance the University’s goal of recruiting outstanding faculty within strategic and underrepresented categories.


The goal of the Initiative for Faculty Diversity (IFD) program is to increase faculty hiring in strategic areas, with a special emphasis on under-represented tenure track and, in special cases, nontenure track faculty. Categories of representation subject to emphasis include racial and ethnic minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and career partner hires. A secondary goal of the IFD program is to encourage departments, schools and other UO units to work collaboratively, where appropriate, when recruiting in partnership with other units. Units are encouraged to consider the possibility of cluster hires, and opportunities to work collaboratively using the IFD in tandem with the Dual Career program and UMRP to enhance each program’s recruitment power.


The initiative provides IFD coverage of varying percentages of salary funding for up to four years to departments that hire faculty in under-represented categories at the UO. This includes:

  • Native American, Black, Latino and Asian (including Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian) faculty in units where such faculty are currently under-represented;
  • Women faculty in disciplines with a persistent pattern and/or significant underrepresentation (e.g., all departments in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Natural Sciences, education, some fields of business, music);
  • Faculty with disabilities in all units; and
  • Spousal/partner hires or cluster hires, where such hires promote faculty diversity within the above categories.


Most allocations are for up to one-third of the candidate’s salary for a period of up to four years; however, different configurations of support may be awarded depending on circumstances as well as the availability of funds. The process is highly competitive, with about five awards offered annually, depending on the nature of requested funding. Such awards are expected to position departments to conduct a search earlier than might otherwise have been possible when outstanding candidates are available or offer more competitive start-up packages to increase recruitment of excellent faculty in ways that enhance our institutional standing as a premier research university.


Additional information can be found on the Faculty Hiring website.