IFD Application Process



To be eligible to nominate a candidate for an IFD award, a department must provide the following search documentation:

  • A job description for the position which addresses the department’s commitment to diversity and what is expected of faculty within the department in support of that commitment;
  • A description of the recruitment strategy that will be used by the department, school or unit that specifically identifies efforts designed to reach and attract candidates from underrepresented groups; and
  • A list of search committee members and confirmation that the Search Committee chairpersons (required) and other committee members (preferred) have attended one of the faculty search committee charging meetings offered collaboratively by Office of the Provost, Center on Diversity and Community, Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance, and VPEI in Spring and Fall 2013.

In addition to the above search documentation, a department requesting an IFD award must submit the following additional documentation:

  • A memorandum of intent indicating how the department proposes to use IFD funds, alone or in combination with other available funds (e.g., Dual Career funds available through AA). Proposed uses might include, but are not limited to conducting a search earlier than would otherwise be possible because of known candidates who will be on the job market, ability to provide a more competitive start-up package, the ability to compete for candidates with dual career partners, etc.
  • Identification of areas of underrepresentation within the department (can be obtained from AAEO), and specific elements of the recruitment strategy intended to address that underrepresentation.

To ensure consideration, the above documentation must be submitted to VPEI by December 1, 2013.


Once the department, school or unit has selected a candidate for a position, the unit's head (with authorization from the Dean) should submit a Request for Funding memo to the VPEI. The memo should:

  • Identify the candidate as well as the eligible hiring category or categories that the hire meets (under-represented minority, woman in field with persistent or significant underrepresentation, individual with a disability, covered veteran, cluster, and/or spousal/partner).
  • Provide title of proposed appointment and state why the hire is strategic for the department or unit.
  • Describe the funding request to the VPEI (i.e., exact percentage of salary support and number years of support requested), long-term request for continued funding, including proposed salary, OPE, start date for salary purposes. Include the date that the offer was accepted by the candidate and a copy of the acceptance letter.

In addition to the above, the memo should:

  • Document other sources of support for the hire including UMRP, fellowships, academic partners, etc.
  • If your unit (i.e., department, school or college) has made other requests to OVEI, prioritize this request in relation to others.
  • Describe efforts the department, school/college or unit has made and is continuing to make in recruiting and retaining faculty in underrepresented categories.

Additional information can be found on the Office of the Provost website.