Deans Diversity Task Force


  1. Build capacity and infrastructure for equity, inclusion and diversity as a driver of excellence in research, creative activity, teaching, and outreach in the schools and colleges of University of Oregon;
  2. Teach one another best practices about diversity, equity and inclusion as it is operating in our own schools and colleges;
  3. Provide a safe space for the discussion of challenging issues;
  4. Provide support for Deans’ professional development as servant leaders in the academy.


The committee will be comprised of the Dean of each College and/or School of University of Oregon.


  1. Policy and Process Infrastructure for the CBA and IDEAL Framework:  Are we laying the policy and process framework for excellence by putting in place equitable as well as inclusive policies and processes for our personnel and academic processes?
  2. Faculty and Staff Search Processes:  Do our search processes invite and allow us to hire the best talent from all over our State, nation and, indeed, the world?
  3. Curricular Innovation:  Are we educating leaders? Are our members of our faculty teaching in ways that engage and prepare our students for the global world beyond the “O”?
  4. Climate:  Can the best faculty, students and staff from all over Oregon and the world come here and want to stay as well as to succeed? How do we address and move beyond seeming fatigue and low morale in our units?
  5. Aspirations:  Are we shaping the most important conversations in our disciplines, professions and in higher education?
  6. Tool Kits: What are the tools (resources for improving climate, assessment frameworks, resources for active recruitment and hiring processes) that Deans need to effectively lead our schools and colleges?